Friday, February 1, 2013

Music: Alhaji Xiximoh – Dis Gbedu feat. Tupengo, Seriki, Slay (Produced by Larry G)

Have you ever heard any straight up hausa flow with a party feeling? If you haven't, then this is your opportunity.  Alhaji Xixmoh is out to do all abokis proud. Not all hausas are boko haram but this hausa dude rap is definitely boko!!!!!!!
Officially Xiximohs dropping his 1st single titled Dis Gbedu featuring Tupengo aka 5 million star general who really blessed the chorus with his magnificent husky voice. Seriki of Alapomeji record jumped on verse 2 like a true son of his father with his yoruba raps telling all of us what he wants to rock dis Gbedu with, and finally that dude Slay "Fast rising rapper creating lots of buzz lately in the industry" representing Surulere added his touch of magic flows in English. In slay words ' RIP to dis Gbedu'.  Track produced, mixed and mastered by Larry G who earlier in the year blessed the industry with his 1st single titled 'go Low'- d single that made Tinubu do d Azonto dance.
Xiximoh is signed to PepperRoom Entertainment, alongside the 17 years old Rap Animal - SommyD.

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