Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Music: Okizona - Birthday song (Nollywood Version)

Fast Rising PH based Rapper Okizona drops it hot on this Track (More like a free Style) bringing competition to the Hip hop game here in Nigeria.

All Okizona wants for his birthday is a 'Nollywood girl'. The most outstanding and outlandish thing about this cover of 2chainz 'birthday song' is the fantastic insight granted to the listeners on the leading ladies of Nollywood, Okizona’s play with words is exceptional and his punch lines are straight on deliver.

Okizona, “the Retro King”, displays an extensive array of lyrical and vocal skills, thus charming even a musical skeptic with the versatility of his artistry. Currently the talented youngster is working on his debut single, amongst other singles, set to be released with his newly signed label, DHR 'Diamond Head Records'.
Enjoy it.

Connect with him on twitter via @okizona and his producer @djfalez

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