Saturday, October 13, 2012

Video: 2kriss, Esdee, Havoc, Maniac & Rich Freestyle Over Kanye West’s “Clique”

There is a heavy storm brewing in the African music landscape in 2012 and it’s coming from the United Kingdom with the young and talented instigators getting ready to leave a huge stamp on the scene in the coming months. Introducing 2KRISSESDEEHAVOCMANIAC and UR FRESH RICH as YFS (Young, Free & Single), with the brand new viral video for their hugely impressive freestyle over Kanye West’s “Clique”.

Taking one of the best Hip-Hop productions of the year, totally flipping it in their own unique way and turning it into their own, the #YFSClique of 2Kriss, Esdee, Havoc, Maniac and Ur Fresh Rich completely annihilate this Hit-Boy-produced with their lyrical prowess, fresh wordplay, undeniable flows and youthful fervor. Check out the viral video below, directed by Ab Fresh…

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